8-Bit Champions

September 15, 2011

Tonight marks the Autumn Society’s first international exhibit! 8-Bit Champions opens tonight at La Flaq gallery in Paris, France.

Curated by Chogrin and Thomas Olivri, 8-Bit Champions pays homage to classic 8-bit video games such as Super Mario Bros and Pac-man.

My piece is called Blue is Always Stronger, and is a reference to the 8-bit Legend of Zelda games where the blue version of an enemy always dealt out, and could withstand, more damage. It’s a 9″x9″ giclee print on canvas, edition of 30.

8-Bit Champions
36 rue Quincampoix ( 75004 )
Paris, France

Opening reception
Thursday, September 15th



  1. Hey Jude, it’s me again. That piece definitely looks cool- most Legend of Zelda art does. Just as before, if you ever plan on mass producing these I would love to be on the waiting list, just like I am for the Deku Tree of Life piece. My email is anewkuzyk@hotmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon, and awesome work again!

    • Hi Alex! I will be adding these to the shop in a month when the show in France is over. The Deku Tree poster and prints will be any day now, I am just waiting on the first run of posters. Expect to hear from me shortly!

  2. Another awesome Zelda piece. I’m getting jealous of the people that get to attend these shows.

  3. hahaha.. its like bit on bite ^_^ if upgradable to 64 bit, how can it b.?

  4. […] Jude Buffum, Zelda. […]

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