8-Bit Terrariums

February 20, 2011

Game Over IV is an upcoming show at Giant Robot San Francisco that pays homage to the continuous evolution of videogames and their massive influence on popular culture. The impact and inspiration of videogames will be represented through a wide assortment of styles and genres provided by top artists in the fields of illustration, painting, sewing, indie comics, and videogames. Some of my favorite artists are among those to be featured, including Jeffrey Brown, David Horvath, and Matt Furie.

For my contribution to the exhibition, I created this series of 8-bit terrariums. I am actually a bit of a terrarium enthusiast myself, so this idea sort of evolved naturally from that interest. I actually see a lot of similarities between video games and terrariums; they are both closed systems that seek to nurture and sustain an entire world within a small viewing space. And I get equal enjoyment out of interacting and watching both.

Prints can be purchase from my shop, and at the gallery.

Toadstool Terrarium
11.75″ x 15.75″

Hyrule Terrarium
7.75″ x 9.75″

Belmont Terrarium
9″ x 19.75″

Some of my own terrariums after the jump.

The one on the left contains an Artillery Fern and a Joseph’s Coat. The one on the right is a Maidenhair Fern.

Princess Pine. Not to be confused with Princess Toadstool.

Tillandsia, also known as an airplant. These are cool because they don’t need any soil to grow.

Game Over 4
Friday March 4, 6:30-10pm
Giant Robot San Francisco
618 Shrader Street (around the corner from Amoeba)
San Francisco, CA 94117

Show runs from March 4 – March 30, 2011



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  9. Wow, these are excellent. Great concept

  10. Submit to threadless.com please. I’ll vote it up and, hopefully, you’ll get some cash from the sales 😉 {Btw, I’ll be in line to buy a shirt.)

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