Poems for Pictopia

July 28, 2009

Back in March, I traveled to Berlin for the 3rd Pictoplasma conference, Pictopia and an installation I had at the Neurotitan gallery as part of the conference’s Character Walk. You can read more about the installation here and here. Two of the coolest Berliners I met were Gabriel Shalom and Patrizia Kommerell, whose creative studio KS12 was commissioned to create a short documentary about the conference and everything that went along with it. I was thrilled to be included (2:45) along with some of my favorite artists such as AJ Fosik, Steven Guarnaccia, Charles Glaubitz, and Gastón Caba. The film, “Poems for Pictopia”, ends with a video montage set to a song that Gastón wrote and performed at the end of his presentation. I was just thrilled to be able to relive the whole conference all over again through this video. Great work KS12!


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