Berlin – Ich Bin 8-Bit

March 28, 2009


I recently spent nine amazing days in Berlin with curators Love Ablan and Jon M. Gibson (founder of the I Am 8-Bit art show) setting up an installation at Neurotitan, attending the Pictoplasma conference, and absorbing as much of this crazy city as I could in such a short period of time.



Our installation at Neurotitan, called Ich Bin 8-Bit, was part of the Character Walk. Over 30 galleries participated, showcasing artists from all over the world working in the genre of reduced figuration. Many of artists also attended the conference (and some were speakers there as well). The basic idea behind our installation was to take my pixel characters, blow them up huge (each pixel is a 3″ x 3″ Post-It Note) and then within that exhibit there would be a secondary exhibit of other artists’ drawings on Post-It Notes.

The first 48 hours were a sleep-deprived blur as we raced against time to install the exhibit before the opening. Fortunately we had some help from Andy (My Tarpit) and Inga (Rockpool Candy) Hamilton. I got five hours of sleep the first night and the second night I didn’t really sleep at all (I got some “shuteye” between 9:30–9:45am, but went right back to finishing up the installation as the opening was at noon).

Needless to say we were pretty happy when it was finally complete.


When we started the installation we had brought with us Post-Its from 17 artists, mostly from Los Angeles. However, several of the artists speaking at the conference that came to our opening were kind enough to add some more Post-Its to our installation!


Gastón Caba


Boris Hoppek (2nd from left) and Steve Alexander from Rinzen (2nd from right)





Here are a few details of the great Post-It art contributed by some of the artists:


Jorge R. Gutierrez (the lighter ones are Love’s)


My Tarpit


Jim Mahfood (AKA Food One)


Gabe Swarr

If I didn’t include any of your Post-Its I apologize! Eventually we want to put up an interactive version of the exhibit which will let people zoom in and out of the installation to view each individual piece of art.

Most of these photos are by Love Ablan, you can check out her extensive photo set from the exhibit on Flickr.



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