8-Bit Jesus

December 20, 2008

8-Bit Jesus

I mentioned in my last post that I was designing the packaging for a holiday album by chip music artist Doctor Octoroc. Above is the new cover, and you can download the full album for free (donations encouraged) from his website. I am also providing them for download here as his site has been crashing from all the traffic.

Download 8-Bit Jesus

If you do download it from me, and enjoy it, please consider donating to him. His Welsh Corgi puppy Ein needs to have expensive surgery. The only thing worse than making the baby Jesus cry is…


Okay, guilt trip over. But, if you grew up on old school Nintendo games like I did, you will absolutely love this album. Each track brilliantly marries a classic Christmas carol with the musical style of a specific classic video game (even the non-geek will hear the Super Mario influence in the track “Super Jingle Bros.“).



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