T&P Fine Art – The Inaugural Show

November 8, 2008


Last night was the opening of what just might be the best new gallery in Philadelphia. Since both Tin Man Alley and Lineage Gallery moved to NYC, T&P Fine Art hopes to fill the deep, gaping void in our city’s artistic soul by bringing us a monthly installment of both up and coming as well as more established artists. T&P is owned by three partners, Bryan Dilworth from Philly, Andrew Ellis from NY, and Jon Halperin from LA. I was fortunate to meet Jon while I was out in LA over the summer and he asked me to be a part of their first show. Thanks Jon!






Top: "Navy Bean" by Kii Arens, Bottom: "Neapolitics" series by Jude Buffum


Yes, that's Captain America guarding the toilet

Inside 3

The Rolling Wall - Top left: JRF, Bottom left: Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Right: Rene Gagnon, Side of wall: Scott Campbell

Adam Wallacavage

"Covered in Punks Blood" candle chandelier by Adam Wallacavage

Gina Tibbot

Gallery manager Gina Tibbot

Shepard Fairey's "Joey Ramone"

"Johnny Ramone" by Shepard Fairey

Ryan Bubnis

"The Upside Downers" by Ryan Bubnis


"Untitled" by AIKO

"Untitled" by AIKO


Here is a complete list of the artists featured in the debut show at T & P:

Aaron Kraten
Adam Wallacavage
Andrew Jeffrey Wright
Brandon Bird
Camilla D’Errico
Cherri Wood
Dabs! Myla
Dan Smith
Deth P Sun
Heiko Mueller
Hope Perkins
Jason Sho Green
Jeffrey Brown
Jude Buffum
Kelly Towles
Ken Keirns
Kii Arens
Lisa Alisa
Logan Hicks
Mark Bodnar
Mel Kadel
Peter Gronquist
Rene Gagnon
Richard Pose
Roland Tamayo
Ryan Bubnis
Sally Sun
Scott Campbell
Shepard Fairey
Thomas Han 
Travis Lampe 
Travis Millard
Trish Grantham


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