Los Angeles (Part IV) – Crazy 4 Cult 2

September 2, 2008

Friday, August 22nd was the second annual Crazy 4 Cult show at Gallery 1988. 2Cent’s drippy stencil icons greeted the line of attendees that stretched several blocks around the corner. Here’s a pic of me with my pieces, for a better look at the details check out this earlier post. If you’re interested in purchasing the piece, or any other prints or available work from the show, email gallery1988@aol.com.

There’s plenty of blogs out there where you can see all the work in the show or pics from the opening, so I’m just gonna rep a few locals and share a few celeb pics that I found. VIMBY video footage here.

Edward Safety Scissorhands by Leanne Biank

A long titled Wizard of Oz piece by Danielle Rizzolo. Gorgeous frame. And here’s her getting interviewed by VIMBY for this video.


Wil Wheaton standing in front of David MacDowell‘s Stand By Snootch. Mash-ups seemed to be really popular this year, but this was one of the more clever ones.

Here’s Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy with LA-based artist Plasticgod.

Here’s Plasticgod again with Jonah Hill (the tubby penis-doodler from Superbad). This dude gets around, seriously (Plasticgod). I mean I guess it helps that his work is celebrity portraiture, but he has probably befriended more actors and musicians than anyone else I’ve ever met. He’s super nice though.

Oh and if anyone has $400 to burn, and wants to be my best friend for life:


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