Los Angeles (Part II) – Ups and Downs, Strikes and Gutters

August 30, 2008

After the I Am 8-Bit party, some friends took me to the darkest bar in LA, The Woods.

We capped the night off with a viewing of Point Break, in anticipation of possibly checking out the hilariously awful Point Break Live (we didn’t). During the ride back to the loft I was subletting in Venice I was treated to some beautiful lightning.

The following evening I had a little bit of a fender bender.

I’m all for pedestrian rights, but in LA they have these stupid pedestrian crosswalks that basically give anyone on foot the freedom to run out into the street and all the cars have to come to a screeching halt to let them cross. I won’t go into the details, but due to some rather drunk individuals I ended up in a three car collision. Nobody was hurt though, so I was thankful for that.

The next couple of days were rather uneventful as I sorted out the mess with my insurance and the rental car companies. Did get to check out a few cool spots for wining and dining…

My friend Beth took me to Father’s Office in Culver City

Kristen and Aaron also took me to Rick’s Tavern in Santa Monica

G Jelina in Venice had cool lighting, and communal tables, which was nice for meeting people.
Everyone you meet in LA is your best friend—for five minutes or until they realize you’re not famous, whichever comes first.

On Monday, I went to a Farmer’s Market in West Hollywood and took a trip to LACMA, which I highly recommend.

The Japanese Pavilion might very well be the best designed architecture I’ve ever seen for displaying Japanese art.

They wouldn’t let you take photos inside, but I did sneak a phone pic of this wicked samurai armor:

Then I checked out the La Brea Tar Pits next door, which are somewhat underwhelming, though the mastadon statues are pretty hilarious.

On Thursday I went to Bergamot Station, which was a railway stop from 1875–1953 that was converted into an art gallery complex in 1994 and now houses over 30 galleries.

The Gallery of Functional Art had a very cool exhibition by Nemo Gould, whose kinetic sculpture has a very steampunk/nautical feel to it.

Richard Heller Gallery had a really nice group show tucked in the back featuring the work of two of my favorite artists, Mel Kadel and Travis Millard.

Mel Kadel

Travis Millard

I liked these next two a lot, but I didn’t write down the names of these artists, so if you know who created them, let me know.

After soaking in about 25 galleries worth of art, I headed out for my interview with Coin-Op TV, which will be the focus of my next blog.


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