I Am 8-Bit 2.008

August 2, 2008

I will be participating again in the annual I Am 8-Bit show, which opens on Thursday, August 14th at the World of Wonder Storefront Gallery, and runs until Sunday, September 7th. More info on the show here. I’ll be flying out to LA on the 12th and staying through the 26th (I have work in another show on the 22nd, more on that in my next post), so if you’re in the area come out to the opening and say hi! But get there early, as the line to get in literally will be around the block, if previous years are any indication of the show’s popularity.

The piece I created is called “And On the Seventh Day, R.O.B. Rested”

My initial idea was to do an 8-bit take on those Hindu paintings you see of Shiva or Vishnu, sort of like what would a gamer geek have in their shrine to the 8-bit god… but it sort of evolved more into almost a creationist take on the subject. Also, the thing with this show is that everyone takes these simple pixelated characters and makes them so much more realistic and detailed and I guess I do the opposite, so I actually redrew all the characters even simpler (if that’s possible!) than they already were, using as few pixels as possible to do so. This helped reinforce the primordial quality of them having just been created by R.O.B., who of course sculpted the 8-bit universe using only his power glove…


  1. It’s been a little while since I’ve checked out your stuff, but holy hell… Keep it up man, this is too damn cool.

  2. Dude, I fucking love this illustration.

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